- Café Owners Alliance Malaysia -   

Café Owners Alliance is an initiative by the Café Malaysia series to bring together café's in Malaysia to become a stronger voice and to establish presence in the Food & Beverage scene. 

The Alliance is an additional value-add platform for café owners to publicise their café's through Café Malaysia's publicity platforms (such as electronic mailers, e-newsletters and social media platforms.) 


Enjoy the following benefits: 

  • EXTENSIVE PUBLICITY for your cafe before and during Café Malaysia (in Marketing Collaterals including electronic newsletters, on-site publicity panel, website and social media platforms) to over 10,000 PEOPLE! 
  • PRIORITY VIP ENTRY to our events! 
  • BUSINESS - MATCHING sessions linking you to your desired vendors and suppliers! 
  • Exclusive use of BUSINESS LOUNGE to conduct your business discussions. 
  • Tap on the ideal venue for GREAT NETWORKING sessions with fellow industry stakeholders. 

- How to Join? -



Café Owners Alliance Malaysia is initiated by CEMS Conference & Exhibition (M) Sdn. Bhd. and endorsed by Malaysia Specialty Coffee Association (MSCA).