Programme at a glance -  Café Malaysia 2020 Seminar on Friday the 10th January (12PM to 4PM) with the schedule below:

1200 – 1230 : SPEAKER SLOT 1

Topic: Ideal Audio for Cafe and Restaurarants

Description: The Importance of Having a Good Sound System

Presented by: Yamaha Music

Speaker: Mr Chong Kok Khen

1230 – 1300 : SPEAKER SLOT 2

Topic: Origami Coffee Dripper 

Presented by: Trunk Coffee, Japan

Speaker: Mr Yasuo Suzuki 


1330 – 1415 : SPEAKER SLOT 3

Topic: Philosophy of Coffee Brewing and Brewing Method by the World Brewer Champion

Presented by: Philocoffea, Japan

Speaker: Mr Tetsu Kasuya

1415 – 1515 : SPEAKER SLOT 4

Topic: Maximizing and Capitalizing Your Milk for Customers

Presented by: Dutch Lady

Speaker: Mr Daniel Liew (Barista Guild Asia)


1515 – 1600 : SPEAKER SLOT 5

Topic: Green Coffee Buying: Guideline for Specialty & Micro-lot Selection and Purchasing

Presented by: OLAM International Limited

Speaker: Ms Trista Chua