Programme at a glance -  Café Malaysia 2019 Seminar on Friday the 18th January (10AM to 6PM) with the schedule below:

1100 – 1145 : SPEAKER SLOT 1
Topic: Milk Mixology & Beverage Creation

Description: Collaboration with Monin

 Presented by: Dutch Lady

1200 – 1245 : SPEAKER SLOT 2
Topic: Benefit of Hawa Ghazzali Herbal Coffee

Description: The Authenticity of Malaysian's Herbs

Presented by: Hawa Ghazzali Holdings Berhad

Speaker: Datin Lynda Ghazzali

PIC: Hajar


Contact: 0193685618


1500 – 1545 : SPEAKER SLOT 5

Topic: Project Origin Green Coffee Sourcing & Carbonic Maceration Processing.

Description: Greens Sourcing & CM Series

Presented by: Cloud Catcher Sdn Bhd

PIC : Habib Maarbani, Project Origin General Manager


Contact: 03-78652515

1600 – 1645 : SPEAKER SLOT 6

Topic: CAFÉ : Maximizing Your Profit

Description: Maximizing Profit :

1) Creating high quality drink without compromising profit

2) Understanding the cost of wastage and poor usage of milk

3)Skills and ability that matter to both quality & cost

4) Knowing what to do to stay competitive

5) Cups & vessels that makes a difference to taste and percept

6) Milk Science & quality of your froth

7) Managing Staff service in milk based beverage

Presented by: Dutch Lady

Speaker: BGA Academic Director